Terms and Conditions

This is a document stating the terms and conditions of Rachel Kelly International products and services. By using this site and submitting to an order, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions listed below. Rachel Kelly International reserves the right to amend this site and the Terms and Conditions at any time. By registering and placing an order with Rachel Kelly International you give us permission to add your contact details to our database so we can send through correspondence that relates to ordering, invoicing and sending of any and all materials relating to the service or product.


By purchasing our products and services you understand and agree that our content and access is not to be shared with anyone else. If you are caught sharing it with anyone you will be cut off for future access and no refunds will be given. You will also not be able to purchase in the future.

By purchasing our products and services you understand and agree that THE VIP WEEK with Rachel will not be able to be booked or commence until either;
a) You have paid in full for the product or service
b) final payment on the payment plan has been finalized, sent and received by Rachel Kelly International Pty Ltd


All pricing is stated in USD$ unless otherwise selected manually in our menu. The prices of our products are subject to change without notice. The current price of each product is shown on the website at the time you place your order. All prices listed are inclusive of 10% GST.


This is the Return and Refund Policy of Rachel Kelly International (Rachel Kelly Coaching) Please read carefully.
- We do not issue refunds for any 1:1 services or products such as 1:1 programs, online trainings, online courses and digital products once the order is confirmed. You are not only paying for the service and Rachel's time, you are also paying for Rachel's availability. By purchasing this service or product you are taking the availability away from someone else who would be interested and benefit. If you do not wish to move forward with the service or course, no refunds will be given for amounts paid to date.
- Please understand that all sales are final and not eligible for refunds or exchanges.
- By confirming your purchase upon checkout you are agreeing to these terms and the final amount of the purchase price at that time.
- When sales are running you are responsible for entering the discount code in correctly. If you do not process the discount code with the sale, no partial refunds will be accepted. 


By using a promotional code, you agree to understanding the terms and conditions stated below:
- All promotional codes, offers and discounts advertised online are for online use only and are valid for the specified time frame only.
- All promotional codes are one time use only unless otherwise stated. All promotional one time only codes must be used in their entirety in a single purchase. All sales are within the time frame of AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
- When processing your payment upon checkout you are confirming the total amount of your order at that time. If a discount code is required to gain a discount you are responsible to ensure the code has been entered correctly before the final payment has been processed.

For any issues regarding our policy please contact our support team on [email protected]